Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Nominations for 2018 are due March 8, 2018


Previous Years Recipients

Award Catagories
  • Spark Plug 
    As of 2017 each Unit’s Committee will determine the recipient of this award (one Spark Plug per Unit will be awarded).  Select the ONE leader in your Unit who you feel is most deserving of this award.  The candidate must be a registered leader to be eligible to receive the award. This nomination should remain confidential.  Please do not advise the candidate until the District Awards Committee confirms eligibility, and the nominator has been notified.

    The Unit should choose a candidate who has demonstrated great initiative, creativity, or a fresh outlook to improve Scouting.  This person gives that extra spark of enthusiasm which motivates others and benefits the Scouting program.

    This award will be presented at the Volunteer Recognition Dinner.  One nomination per Unit only.  After confirmation, please encourage the recipient, his/her family, and members of the Unit to attend the Volunteer Recognition Dinner.
  • Outstanding Leader - 1 of each will be awarded in CBD
    • Pack Committee Chair
    • Pack Committee Member
    • Troop Committee Chair
    • Troop Committee Member
    • Scoutmaster
    • Assistant Scoutmaster
    • Cubmaster
    • Crew/Team Leader
    • Lion Leader
    • Tiger Leader
    • Wolf Leader
    • Bear Leader
    • Webelos Leader
    • Unit Commissioner
    • Chartered Organization Representative
  • Distinguished Leadership - for service to the UNIT - up to 4
  • District Award of Merit - for service to the DISTRICT - up to 2 (Based on # of Units in CBD District – 1 award for every 25 Units or fraction thereof)
  • Chartered Partner of The Year- 1
Award Nonination Applications
 TitleModified DateSize Clicks
Award Nominations - Basic Information12/11/2017410.42 KBDownload59
Chatered Partner - PDF12/11/2017238.38 KBDownload53
Chatered Partner - Word12/11/2017139.59 KBDownload53
Distinguished Leadership - PDF12/11/2017334.76 KBDownload56
Distinguished Leadership - Word12/11/2017143.48 KBDownload54
District Award of Merit (DAM) - PDF12/11/2017337.22 KBDownload55
District Award of Merit (DAM) - Word12/11/2017107.01 KBDownload53
Outanding Leader - PDF12/11/2017307.42 KBDownload55
Outanding Leader - Word12/11/2017140.07 KBDownload51
Spark Plug - PDF12/11/2017392.46 KBDownload53
Spark Plug - Word12/11/2017146.49 KBDownload53
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