Thursday, June 21, 2018
Boy Scout Camping Information

Winter Camping - Registration Opens September 15

Winter shelter building, cross country skiing, ice climbing, snowshoeing, and much more is waiting for your troop or crew at Snow Base and Northwind.

Why Winter Camping? Winter Camping is an important part of Scouting, especially if you live in Minnesota or Wisconsin. Troops and Crews should be camping every month, but that can be hard in those cold winter months. Having the right gear can be expensive. It is hard to find someone who knows how to winter camp. At Snow Base and North Wind we provide all the gear that you typically have to buy yourself, and we have trained staff to guide you through your winter adventure. Your guide will show you how to stay warm, build winter shelters, and experience winter to the fullest
Reservations Open September 15th.

Snow Base Info

North Wind Info

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