Thursday, November 23, 2017
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Webelos Transition Resources

List below are several documents on Webelos Transition. They are grouped into catagories
All Leaders - Leaders from both the Pack and Troop
Parents - Parents of all the Webelos
Cub Leaders - Webelos Den Leaders, Cubmaster and Committe Chairs
Boy Leaders - Scoutmaster, Committe Chair and Webelos Transaition Coordinator

Please note: Some of these documents may have minor discrepancies with recommendations about timing of the activities. This is okay. Please use your best judgment with the schedule and logistics that will be most successful for you.

 TitleCategoryModified DateSizeClicks
Webelos Key Leader MeetingAll Leaders3/19/20125.58 KB743
Webelos Transition Fast StartAll Leaders10/8/2012259.71 KB729
Webelos Transition ProcessAll Leaders3/19/201213.54 KB791
Webelos Transition Timeline for SuccessAll Leaders10/8/2012168.61 KB867
Webelos First Year ScheduleCub Leaders3/19/201213.87 KB875
Webelos Second Year ScheduleCub Leaders3/19/201212.00 KB796
Webelos Transition - Checklist for SuccessCub Leaders3/19/201212.51 KB880
Considerations for a troop visitParents3/19/20129.01 KB810
Pamphlet: Welcome to the Adventure of Boy ScoutingParents3/19/2012387.52 KB787
Troop Involvement in TransitionTroop Leaders3/19/20127.41 KB768
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