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About the Program

The Religious Emblems Programs (also called God and Country) are programs created by various religious groups for their children and youth who are also members of national youth agencies (i.e. Boy Scouts of America). It is important to remember that although the BSA may have approved these programs and even allow the recognition items/awards to be worn on Scout uniforms, the BSA did not create them. All Religious Emblems Programs are created by the religious groups themselves.

Pray Pub, a national organization located in St. Louis, is a clearing house for information on the Religious Emblems programs of most religions. The Search By Faith tool, located under the "Recognitions/Emblems" tab on the web site, lists different Religious Recognitions Programs available by denomination.

Catholic Religious Emblems programs are administered locally by the St. Paul and Minneapolis Archdiocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting (ACCS).

Jewish Religious Emblems programs are administered by the National Jewish Committee on Scouting.

We will try to keep this web page updated with class announcements of upcoming Religious Emblems classes as we become aware of them. If your church or place of worship offers a Religious Emblem program and makes it available to youth who are not members of that church or place of worship, please contact Bob Elliott and provide as much information as you can. For other questions about the Religious Emblems program, please feel free to contact Bob Elliott.

Religious Emblem FAQ

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Protestant Programs3/13/201233.70 KB1073
Jeiwsh Program3/13/201292.18 KB1294
Catholic Program3/13/2012150.32 KB1136
Class Information
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2018 SOTV God and Country (1-6st)2/5/2018101.77 KB101
Chaplain’s Aide Training1/8/2018510.86 KB159
March 2018 God and Me - Emanuel Litheran2/5/201868.68 KB92
May 2018 Protestant God and Country4/16/2018Unknown60
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