Wednesday, July 26, 2017
What is Roundtable?

The objective of Roundtable is to give leaders program ideas, information on policy, events and training opportunities; and provide a forum for sharing experiences, and enjoying fun and fellowship with other scout leaders.   The Roundtable experience will inspire, motivate, and enable unit leaders to provide a stronger program for their scouts. 

 Roundtables are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month (August - May) 

 from 7 - 8:00pm at the Burnsville LDS Church

651 Southcross Drive East, Burnsville, MN  55306

 (South of County Road 42 between Portland and Chicago)

Roundtable Commissioners:

Cub Scouts:  Angie Harteneck ( 651-707-3265

 Boy Scouts:  Joe Schulte ( 651-491-5008


Cub Scout Roundtable Information and Handouts

 Boy Scout Roundtable Information and Handouts

  Website Reference List 


Roundtable Hang files

Roundtable News

On behalf of Angie and Tony, I want to thank Mark, John, Jim (Boy Scout) Cory, Yvonne & Sandi (Cub Scout) Assistant Roundtable Commissioners for all of there work to make this the year happen!

We also wanted to Bob, Bob & Tim for their confidence in us and support throughout the year. 

Our next meeting will be August 17th

Have a wonderful scouting summer! 

Joe Schulte

August Roundtable discussion topic will be: Posted over the Summer

Cub Scouts: 

Boy Scouts:

August Merit Badge Offerings. Classes will run from 6:15pm- 8:15pm

during Roundtable. Space will be limited and pre-registration is required!  

Scouts will need to attend each class in it's entirety (some badges will need multiple sessions) for completion. Class A uniform must be worn. You will need a merit badge book, completed workbook and signed blue card from your unit. 

To register, please send email to with:

Name, Troop Number, Phone, Email for Scout/Parent & Current Rank. 

August Offerings:


Check back often to see what is scheduled!

Roundtable Handouts (Joint Session)
 TitleModified DateSizeClicks
Unit Tool Box Training Powerpoint4/11/20132.37 MB595
Unit Tool Box Training PDF4/12/20132.20 MB574
Webelos Transiton Timeline for Succcess10/5/2012168.61 KB689
Univ of Scouting Doctoral Degree10/29/2013230.48 KB516
Unit Recruiting Chair5/1/2013155.50 KB587
Diversity Award Requirements + Form10/19/2012922.52 KB729
Community Service Award Order Form5/16/2013162.48 KB532
Pack Leadership Challenge5/1/2013124.74 KB585
Messengers for Peace9/18/2012658.36 KB670
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