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Chief Black Dog Training Events
General Traninig Information

(EL: E-Learning training is available as indicated at, but instructor-led training is the preferred method)

 Youth Protection* (EL)
 Leader Specific, by position (EL)

 Youth Protection* (EL)
 Leader Specific (or Troop Committee Challenge (EL) for committee members)
 Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills***

 Youth Protection (Venturing Version)* (EL)
 Leader Specific (by position)
 Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills**

* Required for Tour Plan review
** Crews with outdoor programs only
*** Not required for committee positions

Here is a link to a full flyer on the BSA Training program:

In addition to the official training courses listed in that flyer, BSA also offers some unofficial course material at:

Training Re-certification:

Keeping Scouts safe and keeping Scouting leaders up to date with current information and methods means some of the BSA's training courses need to be retaken every couple of years.  Below is a list of these courses and how often they should be retaken to be valid:
Youth Protection—every two years
National Camping School—good for five camping seasons
Safe Swim Defense—every two years
Paddle Craft Safety—every three years
Aquatics Supervision/Swimming and Water Rescue—every three years
BSA Lifeguard—every three years
Visitation training—every two years
Lead Climbing Instructor—every five years
Climbing Instructor—every two years
COPE/Climbing Inspector—every two years
Safety Afloat—every two years
Chain Saw Safety—every two years
Trainer’s EDGE—every three years
Hazardous Weather—every two years
Physical Wellness—every two years
Climb On Safely—every two years
Trek Safely—every two years

New leaders - Getting on-line
Go to
When you go to the MyScouting website, you will be required to create a login (click on "Create an account"). Since you are new to Scouting, you will not yet have your membership ID, register as “I am new and don't know my member ID.” Complete the remainder of the registration screens to gain access to the web sight. You will then have access to the training.

As you complete training course, print out the certificate for your personal records.

Important: In order for your training to be officially recorded, once you have your BSA Membership ID, you will need to enter this number in your MyScouting profile that you used for the training. When your profile has been updated with your membership ID, all of your previous and future on-line training will now be officially recorded.

Obtaining Your BSA Membership ID
1. Your membership ID is printed on your membership card that is sent to your unit each year.
2. Your unit advancement coordinator can look-up your ID in the on-line advancement website. (This approach will give you the soonest access to your ID number.)
3. Your CBD District Training team periodically receives roster updates and may have your ID number.

My BSA Training Record
You can view your own training record on-line in This is your official BSA record and it is available online by clicking the “Training Validation” link at

If you believe that you have completed training courses that are not reflected in your record, please send an email to with the name of the course and date completed (or estimated date).

You will notice that the training record found on the Training Validation page will only display Youth Protection Training (YPT) if it has been completed in the past two years.

If BSA's record shows a course completion year of 1911, this indicates that BSA knows that you have completed the specific training course but their records do not have a valid date.

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